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8 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Lynne Martindale. says:

    Hi, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your singing at Ashville Blind Centre last night at our Hot Pot Supper, Hope you enjoyed your Hot Pot after you lovely singing it was a great night the African song was very musical.

    1. rapsquillion says:

      Hello Lynne.

      It’s good to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to write to us. We enjoyed ourselves on Saturday evening as well, and the scouse was so good that two of our members have it for supper this weekend as well!

      We had a really good weekend up in the north west and Jac got through her last couple of outings with Rapsquillion without too many tears!

      We hope we get to see you again sometime.


      Jac, Jenny, Kay, Keith, Liz & Trevor.

    1. rapsquillion says:

      Thanks very much Helen. We enjoyed singing in The Birds Nest as well, and The Big Busk and Shrewsbury Ark are really deserving causes.
      Not sure where you were sitting but it’s always good to see people joining in – we need all the help we can get!!
      Thanks for visiting the website – maybe we’ll get to see you again sometime at one of the places listed on our ‘Where Are We?’ page.
      Jen, Kay, Keith, Liz & Trevor x

  2. Heather says:


    Just to say thank you for the lovely afternoon’s musical entertainment a the Sun Inn, Clun, at the Green Man Festival today. Mel, Barbara and I happened to wander into the Sun for a cup of tea and to escape the keen wind outside, and chanced upon the beautiful harmony of your voices. The relaxed, easy-going atmosphere and delightful music, was a real treat. Some of the nicest things happen by chance, and this has been added to our list!! Thank you.


    1. rapsquillion says:

      Hello Heather.

      Thanks for taking the trouble to contact us, and for your kind comments.

      We were struck by the good atmosphere in The Sun on Monday afternoon and you, Mel and Barbara certainly contributed to that.

      We reckon that a good sing warms the cockles of your heart so The Sun was obviously a good place to be on a chilly afternoon.

      Keep an eye on our ‘Where Are We?’ page and maybe our paths can cross again.


      Jen, Kay, Keith, Liz & Trevor.

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