Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2019

We’re just back from a great time at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Now we’ve emerged from the darkened room in which we’ve been recovering here are a couple of bits and pieces from a superb weekend.

The first is a rendition of Sarah Morgan’s beautiful arrangement of ‘Crossing the Bar’, which we recorded at our workshop on Sunday afternoon. Its after about twenty minutes of working on it, 97 people crammed into a tiny room on the hottest day of the year. We decided we’d leave dynamics for another day, but we think that every one of those singers deserves a pat on the back for coming up with such a great sound in such a short time and in very trying conditions. We loved it!


The second is a clip from our concert on Friday night in the Sabrina marquee. We hope you enjoy it.

Fishguard Folk Festival

Our adventures at Fishguard Folk Festival 2018 included, as usual, a harmony workshop at some ridiculously early hour of Sunday morning. The 35 or so victims did a brilliant job of singing beautiful harmonies within a very short time of meeting for the first and only time – good enough, in fact, to merit a performance on the stage at Ffwrn on Sunday afternoon.

There are a couple of clips. The first, here, is from about 15 minutes in, and shows us singing a three part song together. The second, here, is a recording of the group singing Sarah Morgan’s arrangement of the very moving ‘Crossing the Bar’ – there wasn’t a dry eye in Ffwrn when it was performed.

Well done to everybody – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

If you’d like to listen to a couple of tracks from ‘Earthly Joys’, you could do worse than having a look at ‘Raffa’, and ‘Street Calls/Sea Coal’.

If you fancy a sample from ‘Geriatrica’, there are videos of Rapsquillion performing ‘Java Jive’ and ‘Crossing The Bar’.

There are also a couple of short clips from our workshops at Fishguard over the last couple of years. Two clips are from 2014 – the first taken about ten minutes in to the workshop and showing the participants (who, as usual, had never met each other, or us, before) singing a short piece which acts as a warm-up but also shows how quickly it’s possible to make a pleasant, harmonious sound. The second is about forty five minutes later and shows the group having their first run-through of a chorus (which explains the slow-ish tempo, and the fact that they are seated). A few minutes later they were giving it the full beans (although singing more quietly), as they did later in a singing session at one of the festival venues.

And here’s a clip from 2016 which shows the group letting rip with the brilliant anti-apartheid era song ‘Asikhatali’:

In 2015, we worked on Graeme Miles’s ‘Sea Coal’ and this clip is from the first run-through (hence, its pretty slow). Again, the group went on to perform the piece on the main stage of the festival.

There’s also a couple of short films about the 2011 and 2013 Fishguard Folk Festivals which summarises very well the feel of this excellent event, although you will have to watch carefully to catch the highlight……


…..and we can’t resist showing you our comedy out-take piece, taken during a downpour at a little festival in Welshpool in July 2015.  We think its hilarious!!