The Ship of Theseus Paradox, or ‘Triggers Broom’……

Trigger: “This ol’ broom… has had 17 heads and 14 new handles in its time.”
Sid: “How the ‘ell can it be the same bloody broom, then?”
Trigger: “Well, ‘ere’s a picture of it; what more proof do you need?”

Now in its 10th incarnation, Rapsquillion was formed in 1998 when, as a result of a strange celestial juxtaposition, Keith Thomas and Trevor Hedges met and decided that they would stand more chance of surviving the monthly folk session at The Miner’s Arms, if they presented a united front.

Rapsquillion tries hard to be democratic; we have no leader, and anyone can say what they like at any time (e.g. “I can’t bear that song; let’s try it with bagpipes”). Everyone mucks in – Kay deals with fashion matters, Jen keeps the wine topped up, Dave provides expert critiques, and Trevor handles complaints.

Trevor Hedges carves an erratic, cataclysmic channel through life whilst living halfway up a mountain with a camper van called Daphne. When he grows up he wants to be a busker but until then he’ll make do with singing on street corners.
Jenny Wright originates from Kent and moved to Shropshire for a bit of peace and quiet. It was all going so well until she met Rapsquillion. She’s now frightened to go out of the house in case she meets someone else.
Kay Smillie is from Bristol and therefore speaks like a pirate. She was drafted in to Rapsquillion in order to bring down the average age and add authenticity to shanties. Only two mistakes there then ….
Scott Zwetsloot is Rapsquillion’s tame melodeon player. He used to be a Scilly man but now he’s not so bad, although he did fall for the old ‘you come and play with us and we’ll *insert your own inducement*….’ routine.
Gary Frost is yet another product of the Hyssington singing factory. Well, it wasn’t far to stagger home after practice and the neighbours are used to it. Gary is a former drama teacher who is responsible for turning some of Raps’ music into mini-versions of Les Mis…
Susie Stockton-Link’s scarily strong voice has graced the folk world for many years. That, together with her nettle wine and party-throwing prowess make her an invaluable addition to the Rapsquillion family
Marion Warburton is the best organised person in the world! She invariable knows where phones, pens, spectacles and melodeons are hiding. She also sings like a lark, plays a dulcimer and bakes cakes. Why is she in Rapsquillion? you may ask….

Rapsquillion has also press-ganged some fine musicians to give us a hand on the many occasions when we bite off more than we can chew…..

Jon Bell allowed himself to be inveigled into  Rapsquillion. Goodness knows what the size and shape of his inveiglements were!
Paul Frowen’s tenor tones, and his instrument, which he cuddles with a strangely unnerving intensity, were recruited to add a bit of class to Rapsquillion performances. Ever danced a jig to autoharp accompaniment? No, we thought not….
Sue Lawrence is a long-time member of Raps who splits her time between living on a boat in North Wales and in a cave in Spain. Practice is complicated but interesting……..