“I was blown away by your fantastic warmth, sound and stage presence”

“Rapsquillion — pure enjoyment!”

“Fresh, enchanting, just delightful”

“Great, inspiring, brilliant music”

“I’m so grateful we had you on our club’s programme – the joy in your music was so obvious to us all. Thank you so much”

“What a great way to learn music and have fun!”

“Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the Festival; your fun, love, laughter, musicianship and sheer energy. Come back next year!”

“Never mind coming to the showcase – you’re booked!!”

“Here’s a fiver – what’s the blonde’s name?”

“Do you do funerals………?”

“Lush harmonies – or maybe just lushes!”

“Our weekend with Rapsquillion was a life-changing experience!”

“Rapsquillion – OMG, LOL, SWALK, WTF!”